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Epsom Salts

Natural Epsom Salt Solution +Grapefruit - (5 lb.)

New Grapefruit Epsom Salt Solution.jpg
New Grapefruit Epsom Salt Solution.jpg

Natural Epsom Salt Solution +Grapefruit - (5 lb.)

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This All-Natural Epsom Solution + Grapefruit combines Magnesium Sulfate which is known to revitalize achy muscles and refresh skin's appearance with other naturally exfoliating and enriching minerals such as Dead Sea Salt and Kaolin Clay that soothes and cleanses pores. We add the essence of Grapefruit to brighten and lift your moods, It's naturally stimulating properties will have you feeling refreshed.


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Why Use Raw Cosmetics Premium Bath Bombs?

The health benefits of taking a bath are amazing. Soaking in water at or around body temperature (98.6°) has been shown to improve blood circulation, reduce blood pressure and reduce/minimize headaches. Bathing also helps you sooth and repair over-stretched muscles and decrease joint pain.

Ingredients: Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate), Dead Sea Salt, Kaolin Clay, Essential Oil/Fragrance Blend


Directions for Use:

For sore muscles: Pour 2 cups of Raw Cosmetics Epsom Salt under running bath water. Soak for 25 minutes, and let the natural minerals absorb through the skin, as offering relief to sore muscles.

Exfoliate skin: Mix 2 tablespoons of Raw Cosmetics Epsom Salt with a handful of your favorite body wash. Gently massage mixture onto skin to  exfoliate dry patches, and reveal healthier-looking complexion

Relieve sprains and stings: Add 1 cup of Raw Cosmetics Epsom Salt to 1 quart of warm water. Soak a washcloth in the solution, then wring out excess water. Apply the warm washcloth to the affected area until the washcloth is no longer warm. Repeat two or three times to help reduce pain and swelling.

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